A Tiny Monkey’s Big Hearted Adventure

Big Hearted Adventure

On March 23rd our team at Wet Nose embarked on quite a unique rescue operation in Bronkhorstspruit. We were alerted to a distressing situation involving a baby monkey, who we found in dire circumstances.

Tied to a gutter, unable to reach the water bowl placed mockingly out of reach, this little one suffered in the scorching sun, severely dehydrated and taunted by children. This innocent soul,  illegally held, endured unimaginable fear and pain. (It is illegal to “own”  any animal just taken out of its natural habitat in South Africa, without a permit)

With gentle hands, we stepped in to quench his thirst and fill his tummy, offering the first signs of a brighter tomorrow. Our little friend grabbed onto the food we gave him, scared we were
going to take it away. Watching his first cautious sips and nibbles, we couldn't help but feel a mix of joy and determination.

Our next step was ensuring he received the medical attention he desperately needed, which led us to the compassionate professionals at Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital

We’ve learned that our little fighter is not just battling physical ailments but emotional scars as well, showing a profound fear of men and a bottomless hunger, likely from days of neglect.

Exciting news followed: a special place at the Vervet Monkey Foundation is ready for him, where he’ll learn to climb, play, and perhaps most importantly, trust and love again in a safe, nurturing environment. He will also be receiving a monkey foster mommy who will teach him right from wrong. It’s a future filled with the joys of monkeyhood, something every young explorer deserves.

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved in this rescue, from the person who alerted us to him, to the skilled hands at Johannesburg Wildlife Vet, and the future caretakers at Vervet Foundation. Together, we’re writing a new chapter for a life once shadowed by neglect.

Let’s keep spreading love, one furry heart at a time. Because in the end, it’s the little things—like a monkey’s grateful gaze—that remind us of the beauty in caring.

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