Meet Achmed

About a week ago we were alerted to an emaciated dog that the community noticed running around in the area, they posted on their local groups to find the owner and soon realized that this dog didn’t belong to anyone there; it was in all likelihood dumped. We didn’t realize the extent of the word emaciated…Until we received a photo. The photo was of a severely emaciated Boerboel covered in ticks.

We tried locating the dog through maize fields and also spoke to the community but we couldn’t find this poor Boerboel at all. 3 days of searching through maize lands, mud and rainstorms we still had hope to rescue this poor dog. Patiently we waited for the next sighting or call from the community so that we could help this dog. Achmed as we decided to name him was found, and we were overjoyed!!

Dr Wynand our Veterinarian examined Achmed and he established that despite the poor condition of Achmed and the fact that he was a very old boy; he still had a strong will to live.

Achmed has a long journey ahead of him for a full recovery but this very cute gentle giant already has a very loving home waiting where he can retire and enjoy his last golden years!


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