Adopt an Animal

Save a Life!

Adoption Information

The adoption fee will include sterilization of your pet, up-to-date deworming and vaccinations, a microchip, a health check and also a home inspection. Should you adopt an animal that’s still too young to be sterilized, a sterilization voucher will be issued for the animal/s to be done at our clinic (included in the adoption fee) at the age determined by the Veterinarian. Cats over 2 months of age are also tested for FeLV/FiV before they are rehomed, and all puppies are also tested for Parvo Virus.

When you adopt an equine all vaccinations will be up-to-date which stipulates AHS, Flu, and Tetanus.

This means that the value of all the treatment your new pet will receive, by far exceeds the adoption fee, and you’ll be a hero for giving a home to a rescue animal!

Please note: ⠀Sterilization of your Wet Nose pet is compulsory, due to the huge numbers of unwanted and homeless animals in South Africa.

If I adopt a dog, will it accept my other animals?

The best way to ensure that your new dog will get along with your other dogs is to bring your dogs with you to Wet Nose when you come to choose a friend for them. Once you have a few dogs in mind, we’ll help you to socialize your dogs with the new dogs, one at a time. That way, you can let your dog(s) decide which one of your choices they want to be friends with. We’ll also help you establish which dogs are the most dominant etc. and make recommendations as to what kind of personality to look for in your new dog. This usually ensures that there’ll be harmony at home and that your new dog will fit into the family just fine.

Once you’ve fallen in love with your new best friend and you’ve decided to adopt, you’ll need to complete an application form/adoption contract. Your ID book or driver’s license will be required, and property inspections apply. If you reside in a complex/estate or rent your property, we will require permission from the landlord, owner, or body corporate for the pet that you want to adopt.

For Adoption Application forms please Email or WhatsApp us