Blikkies’ Adventure : From Highway to Safety

From Highway to Safety

One sunny morning, our dedicated Animal Welfare Manager, Veronica, was on her way to Pretoria to pick up a donation. The drive was smooth, with the highway stretching out before her, but as she neared the Donkerhoek turn-off, something unusual caught her eye. Glancing in her rearview mirror, Veronica’s heart skipped a beat as she saw a little dog, a Jack Russell, darting into the middle lane of the busy highway.

The dog looked lost and bewildered, clearly in danger as cars zoomed by. Veronica, driven by her love for animals and determination to keep them safe, knew she had to act quickly. She made a swift U-turn and managed to slow down the oncoming traffic. With caution and care, she approached the frightened dog, whose little legs trembled with fear.

Despite his initial nervousness, once the Jack Russell was safely inside the bakkie with Veronica, his demeanour changed completely. He seemed to relax, quickly making himself at home. This little dog, now named Blikkies, acted like the king of the car, his tail wagging and his eyes sparkling with newfound security.

His playful energy and affectionate personality make him a joy to be around. However, the search for his owner is still on! Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre is doing everything we can to find Blikkies family. If no one comes forward, Blikkies will be sterilized and put up for adoption.

We are calling on the community to help spread the word about Blikkies. Share his story far and wide so we can either reunite him with his owner or find him a loving forever home. Blikkies deserves a safe and happy place where he can continue to bring joy with his sweet disposition.

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