Going away? Need someone to take special care of your animals?

Going away? Need someone to take special care of your animals? Wet Nose offers professional, safe, and comfortable boarding facilities and services for dogs and cats!

What your beloved Dog or Horse will receive?


  • A spacious and secure kennel with a sheltered sleep area and outside area.
  • A bed with fresh, clean, and comfy bedding, changed every day. Kennels/Stables, bedding, and bowls also get disinfected every day.
  • Quality food twice a day.
  • Daily exercise in our doggy runs in a secure fenced-off area, or one of our three grazing camps.
  • Daily walks and grooming by our handlers.
  • Lots of love and attention every day.
  • Professional veterinarians should your pet need any veterinary care or medical treatment.
  • Our premises are safe & secure with walls and CCTV cameras around the boarding area as well as reliable staff members living on the premises.

Boarding Checklist

  • Animals must be six months and older.
  • We need an up-to-date copy of your pet’s vaccination booklet. This should include the normal annual vaccine (5 in 1 plus Rabies for dogs, or AHS vacs for horses). Along with the extra vaccines that are required by all Boarding facilities to ensure the safety of all the other animals. (Kennel Cough Vaccine for dogs).
  • Animals need to be treated for ticks and fleas before coming in for boarding.


By using our facilities for boarding you will be helping to care for the 500 rescue animals currently in our care!

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