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Abuse, and especially neglect of horses, donkeys and farm animals is rife. Most of the time people are ignorant on how to care for their  animals and education is desperately needed. Sometimes, owners just  cannot afford to take care of their animals and don’t know where to  turn.
Our Animal Welfare Inspector has the authority under the hand of the  Magistrate to intervene or educate,  depending on what the situation calls
for, however, we rely on you, the  public, to let us know when  intervention or education is needed.
Please do not think that someone else will do something. It is as simple as popping us an email with the details of where and what the situation is, and we will take it from there. Your name will never be  revealed to the owner, so there is absolutely no reason to turn a blind  eye. Help us to help them.

Contact us: Email: or send us a WhatsApp with all the details: 082 677 8086


Wet Nose rescued this baby  donkey who had been left lying next to the road for a week with a broken leg. She had been hit by a car and no-one reported it.
She suffered unnecessarily, not only from pain but also from hunger and dehydration. Don’t wait a week, inform us so that we can help.

A pin location is the best way to help us get the rescue fast and effectively!!!!!

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