Roxy’s Rescue : A Tale of Bravery and Recovery

A Tale of Bravery and Recovery

Last Thursday, we received an urgent call about a dog in desperate need in the township of Refilwe. The owner informed us that she had been hit by a car on Monday, but no action had been taken to help her. We rushed to the scene and were heartbroken by what we found.

Roxy was in a severe condition. Her front right ulna was fractured, and she had radial nerve paralysis in that area. Her eye had popped out of its socket, and she required an enucleation. To make matters worse, she also has TVT (Transmissible Venereal Tumour – a sexually transmitted tumour that is treated via Chemotherapy), which she is still being treated for. We brought Roxy and her puppies, who were still dependent on their mother, back to our clinic. Our dedicated team immediately began treating her, providing the care she so desperately needed.

Despite everything she’s been through, Roxy is a sweet and loving girl who adores cuddling into your arms. She is making remarkable progress in her recovery, and her resilience is truly inspiring.

Please consider donating to help us take care of Roxy and many more animals like her. Even aiding us by sharing her story is a massive help, your support makes all the difference.

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