Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre hereby challenges all schools to sponsor a kennel for as little as R500 per month.

What is a kennel sponsorship?
A kennel sponsorship is a monthly donation that goes towards the cost of an animal in our care residing in one of our kennels or camps.

This donation is not only used for the daily care of an animal but also goes towards any medical care required from time to time like vaccinations ext.

How does it work?
The chosen sponsor amount is deducted via debit order every month.



Why a debit order?
Wet Nose is not government or municipal funded and therefore rely solely on the sponsorship & donations of the animal loving public.

It is therefore an advantage that we know what is coming in at the end of every month, which means we can budget the shelter accordingly.

This takes the guess work away as to how much we might get in and when.



What do I get as a kennel sponsor?
Besides making a huge difference, your school can make use of this opportunity to promote the school as we receive a lot of people visiting or volunteering and also other schools for educational programs. You are more than welcome to place a board on the kennel stating that the animals in that kennel are being proudly sponsored by the school.

You will receive quarterly feedback & photos of the animals that you are sponsoring.

We can visit the school and do an educational talk and bring them with for the children to interact with or you can visit us to do a tour and educational talk. By visiting us the students can also interact with animals and we can in turn educate them on responsible pet care.

We can issue a Section 18A for sponsorships

Sign up today and challenge other schools around you to do the same.



Let’s see which school sponsors the most kennels !!!!!!!




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We’re a right-to-life organisation, which means we don’t believe in euthanasia, except in the most extreme cases where an animal is suffering and it’s in the best interests of the animal.

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