We have a challenging and very fun obstacle course for humans to build team spirit and help each other to overcome challenges together as a team. This course will teach your team to put their differences aside and work together to achieve the common goal of getting through the course. By getting down and dirty together as a team and with lots of laughter in between, your team will grow closer and discover new qualities about each other that they never knew existed, and gain respect for each other in the process.


If the physical aspect of the team building course is not your cup of tea, then your team can interact with our animals, walk our dogs on a fun dog walk route with jumps and fun obstacles and even give our dog agility course a try. Thereafter they can be groomed and given lots of love and treats.

We even have a de-sensitization course for our horses, (a type of obstacle course) where your team take the horses on halters and leads (ground work) through a course that teaches the horses to be calm when coming across obstacles that may normally spook them. With gentle persuasion and by building a bond with the horses, your team will help them to overcome their fears. This is a very rewarding way of helping human and horse to overcome fear and build confidence in the process.


Catering for your team will be arranged and there are many options and possibilities for your team to have an unforgettable experience at Wet Nose and leave feeling united and personally rewarded for having given back to rescue animals.

Contact us for options and pricing and let the good times roll!
Contact Roelan on 082 677 8084 or email:

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Contact Roelan on 082 677 8084 or email:

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