Unbreakable Bonds: The Journey of Rover and Rubble

The Journey of Rover and Rubble

We have an inspiring yet heart-tugging story to share about two brave souls, Rover & Rubble, whose incredible bond and resilience remind us of the power of friendship and community support.

On April 5th, we received a distressing call about two dogs in critical condition, one potentially struck by a vehicle. We took immediate action!

Rover’s condition was deeply distressing. He endured serious injuries across his chest and front legs, clear evidence of the tough situations he faced. His body, infested with ticks, was so sensitive that the slightest touch caused him to cry out in pain. This pain seemed to intensify whenever he was apart from Rubble, who served as his steadfast source of comfort through their ordeal.

Rubble, appearing more calm on the surface, was equally impacted by their harsh circumstances. He too bore marks of their trials, with injuries on his front legs, chest, and neck, and was plagued by a severe tick and flea infestation. Additionally, Rubble has TVT (Transmissible Venereal Tumour is a type of cancer that affects the genitalia of dogs, especially during mating). His TVT will be treated in our own hospital with Chemotherapy.

We are reaching out for your continued support. Whether it’s through donations, sharing their story, or sending positive thoughts, every little bit helps. Even simply sponsoring their kennel will be a massive help, if you would like to sponsor them contact 082 677 8084.

Keep an eye out for updates on their recovery. With your help, we can give Rover and Rubble the happy life they deserve.

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