What better way to care for your pets and help shelter pets at the same time?



Open to the public

Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre have opened the doors of our Animal Clinic to the public in order to give our community more affordable health care for your pets, while enjoying the benefits of the most caring Doctors and Nurses around. In addition, supporting our Clinic means that you will also be supporting over 500 animals at the Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre, as all proceeds from our Clinic go straight into the care of the Shelter Animals!

Open to Wet Nose

The Wet Nose Animal Clinic provide all the medical care needed to our over 500 rescued animals. On intake, every animal goes to the clinic for a comprehensive intake clinical examination. There they are checked for injuries, illness, skin conditions, heart conditions, dehydration, malnutrition etc. There after, every animal gets vaccinated, de-wormed, micro chipped, dipped for parasites, cats get tested for HIV/FeLV and of course they all get sterilised!

During the course of their stay at Wet Nose, they will continue to be treated or vaccinated, dipped and de-wormed when due. Finally when the happy day of adoption comes along, each animal will receive an exit clinical examination, just to make sure that they are happy and healthy going home.




Was born and bred in Pretoria and from a very young age he knew that he wanted to be a veterinarian, driven by his love and passion for all animal life.

In 2009, he finished his BSc Animal Science degree and in 2010 he graduated with a BSc wildlife management honours degree, both at the University of Pretoria. In 2015 he obtained his BVSc Veterinary science degree at Onderstepoort. Even though he loves and cares for small animals on a daily basis, he also has a special interest in wild life. In his spare time he enjoys the outdoors with activities such as camping and fly fishing. He is a family man and spending time with his wife, new baby boy and his Labrador, Luka is the  priority in his life.


Is originally from Fouriesburg in the Eastern Free-state and completed her BVSc degree and graduated in 2013 from the veterinary faculty, Onderstepoort.

She feels very blessed and fortunate to be able to enjoy her work as a veterinarian and especially her interest in surgery. She has five cats and four dogs and in her spare time she loves being outdoors on anything with two wheels, either her motorcycle or bicycle. “We’ve had wonderful opportunities during 2019 at Wet Nose, and our theatre has grown into quite a sophisticated facility. We
have done a gastric-dilatation-volvulus, a few bone fractures and most recently a diaphragm repair, all successfully.” Greta strives to do more and better constantly, in order to  assist her clients and patients.


Is originally from Cape Town and the
newest member of the Wet Nose  team.

She completed her degree at
Onderstepoort in 2018 and completed
her community service year at Themba Animal Clinic in 2019. She is always enthusiastic with a smile on her face and enjoys working with both animal patients as well as their owners. Dr Bergh has a special interest in small animal surgery and in her spare time she enjoys the outdoors and camping with her husband and friends.


Was born and grew up in Kempton Park. She obtained her Veterinary Nursing Diploma at Onderstepoort in 2013.

She further expanded her studies by
completing the Hills Puppy Training in the beginners, intermediate and advanced categories. She is currently doing a two year diploma in Animal Behaviour. In her free time she loves taking her three dogs on walks and also enjoys baking and gardening. She especially has a keen interest in succulents and sees herself as a keen collector of different species.



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Special Offers

Vet doctor examining golden retriever dog isolated on white


Puppy Classes

We are pleased to announce that we now offer puppy classes, presented by our very own vet nurse, Sr Kim Venter who is certified in Hills puppy training in the beginners, intermediate and advanced categories.

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Monday to Friday : 08h00 – 12h00 & 15h00 – 18h00

Saturday: 09h00 – 13h00

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