Events & Parties

Unique parties and functions in a one-of-a-kind venue


Welcome to Wet Nose Events, where we provide the perfect setting for all your event and activity needs. Our services range from kiddies parties to adult parties, staff functions, and more. We have a beautiful dog walk park for your animal companions. In addition, our reception area is home to a cozy coffee shop where you can enjoy a smooth coffee. Plus, our forest is ideal for photoshoots, whether it’s for a matric dance, engagement, or social media. Come experience the beauty and magic of Wet Nose today!


Looking for unique parties and functions in a one-of-a-kind venue? Look no further than Wet Nose! With our facilities and catering equipment, you can enjoy an unforgettable party right on our premises. Not only will you have the advantage of being in the open air with animals, but you’ll also be supporting rescued animals while having a blast with your friends.

When it comes to kids’ parties, Wet Nose is a top choice! Our parties are not only educational but also incredibly fun. We can accommodate children of all ages, along with their parents. Choose from a variety of options, such as inflatables and farmyard interaction with our rescue animals. Your children will love it here so much that they’ll be begging for a birthday celebration every month!

Tired of the same old work functions at home or in a restaurant? Shake things up by hosting your function at Wet Nose. We offer braai facilities and can even cater for you, making it a unique and exciting experience. Break away from the norm and have a great time with your friends in a beautiful environment surrounded by rescue animals. Instead of spending all your money going out, why not ask your friends to bring donations for the animals? Have fun and let everyone feel rewarded for supporting these amazing animals.

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Dog Walk Park

Looking for a relaxing activity where you can walk your dog? Look no further! Our dog walk park offers a beautiful forest route for you to explore with your animal companion. Take a stroll through our scenic Forest trail, where your dog can enjoy a golden carpet of leaves and discover interesting smells along the way.

Please note that for the safety of horses, donkeys, other farm animals, small wildlife, and shelter dogs being walked by volunteers, all dogs must be kept on a lead. So grab your leash and come visit our park for a delightful walk with your canine companion.

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Cafe Wet Nose

Experience luxury with Cafe Wet Nose’s aromatic coffees, and delicious snacks, perfect for the entire family.

Join us for a delightful day out: explore our extensive Dog Walk park, and revel in the joy of watching your dogs or shelter dogs play.


Conveniently located within the main building’s reception, our charming cafe offers tranquil tea garden seating. Interested in making a difference? Volunteer at Wet Nose, then unwind at our Coffee Shop. Plus, our setting is perfect for a delightful braai. Spend a memorable day with us!

Forest Photoshoots

Discover the enchanting backdrop of our Equestrian Centre nestled amidst a lush forest, the perfect canvas for all your photographic needs. Whether it’s romantic couple shots, cherished family portraits, matric dance memories, or the ethereal glow of wedding captures, our unique setting offers a photo opportunity like no other.

Enhance your photos with the grace of our majestic horses. Notify us in advance, and we’ll ensure our horses are impeccably groomed (especially since they enjoy their muddy dam swims) for those flawless shots. For seamless interactions, we’ll also provide a skilled groom to assist during your session.

Coordinate with your preferred photographer and immerse in the serenity of our haven, crafting timeless memories with your dear ones. Beyond the joyous moments you capture, take pride in knowing your memorable day contributes to the care and welfare of our rescued horses.

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