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Wet Nose has been rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming dogs since 1999. Our dogs receive loving care daily and participate in fun activities like playing in our exercise runs or walks with their handlers. The dogs at Wet Nose live in well-maintained and spacious kennels, usually with another dog as a friend! They are fed a balanced diet that ensures happy and healthy dogs. Visit one of our beloved rescue dogs today, and make a new friend!


We house many happy cats at Wet Nose! They love the attention that our cattery staff provides them daily. Our catteries boast spacious living conditions for our feline friends, where they learn to be social and interact with other cats! Visit our catteries to find your purr-fect companion!


Our horses at Wet Nose are exposed to a herd environment which is great for their rehabilitation and socialization. They are fed individual diets that best suit their needs. Our horses get lots of exercise, going on rides often, as well as being trained regularly. Our Wet Nose horses are always happy to see people, especially those that bring carrots!


Big ears, big smiles, and big hearts are what you'll find in our Wet Nose donkeys. These animals rescued from often horrible conditions bounce back to have the greatest personalities and will always put a smile on your face with a cheerful ee-ore! Hang out with donkeys and make a bond for life!

If I adopt a dog, will it accept my other animals?

The best way to ensure that your new dog will get along with your other dogs is to bring your dogs with you to Wet Nose when you come to choose a friend for them. Once you have a few dogs in mind, we’ll help you to socialize your dogs with the new dogs, one at a time. That way, you can let your dog(s) decide which one of your choices they want to be friends with. We’ll also help you establish which dogs are the most dominant etc. and make recommendations as to what kind of personality to look for in your new dog. This usually ensures that there’ll be harmony at home and that your new dog will fit into the family just fine.

Once you’ve fallen in love with your new best friend and you’ve decided to adopt, you’ll need to complete an application form/adoption contract. Your ID book or driver’s license will be required, and property inspections apply. If you reside in a complex/estate or rent your property, we will require permission for the pet that you want to adopt.

For Adoption Application forms please Email or WhatsApp us


Donating to Wet Nose Animal Centre is beneficial to all our rescue animals, as well as those warmhearted enough to donate. Wet Nose is registered as a non-profit organization, which means that we can issue a Section 18A tax certificate that allows you to reduce your tax liability. The kind donation that you made to Wet Nose will reduce your tax liability, and the amount by which your tax liability is reduced will be paid back to you by SARS as a refund upon submitting your annual tax return.

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