Sponsor a
Kennel or Stable

Kennel sponsors are the lifeline of our survival and the best way of supporting Wet Nose other than adopting a pet. Now more than ever we need the public’s assistance to help us care for our 500+ shelter animals. A Kennel sponsorship is a monthly amount donated on a debit order basis(as much or as little as you can afford), to assist in the running of a specific kennel or enclosure.

Your contribution will go towards:

  • Feeding, caring, and medical expenses of the shelter animal in your kennel.
  • As a sponsor, your name will go on the kennel, and Wet Nose will let you know all about the animals, including when it gets a new home.
  • You’ll also receive a Kennel Sponsors Certificate and you become a member of the Wet Nose family.
  • You’ll be able to visit “your” animal whenever you like and even meet the kennel staff member in charge of their care.

Kennel sponsors are essential as we can budget more effectively than we can on once-off donations. This means that we can all have more ease of mind, knowing our Wet Nose Warriors will support us each month! You may stop your sponsorship whenever, for whatever reason – so, go ahead and become a sponsor and a hero!