Gypsy’s Journey

When the call came in to head out to Bronkhorstspruit, little did we know the tremendous impact it would have on us. There, lying beside the road, was Gypsy, a dog so emaciated and weak that it broke our hearts. Thankfully, an elderly couple had spotted her and stayed by her side until we arrived. It was clear that immediate action was needed, so we wasted no time in bringing her back to Wet Nose for a thorough examination.
Gypsy was not only malnourished but she was also infested with fleas and ticks. To make matters worse, X-Rays revealed a dislocated hip and an old fracture, adding to her pain and suffering. As if that wasn’t enough, she was diagnosed with biliary, a condition that demands ongoing treatment.
Yet, despite all these hardships, Gypsy’s spirit shone through. She craved nothing more than love, affectionate cuddles, and the warmth of sitting on everyone’s lap. It was a true testament to her beautiful soul.
Day by day, Gypsy is getting stronger and better. She is now receiving the love, nourishment, and care she so desperately needs to pave her way to recovery. The dedicated team at Wet Nose is confident that she will not only bounce back but flourish once more. Soon, the day will come when Gypsy will be ready to embark on her journey towards finding her forever home.
Join us in this remarkable journey and witness firsthand the incredible transformation of Gypsy. Together, we can make a difference in her life and show her that she is deserving of all the love and care the world has to offer. If you would like to help not only Gypsy but all the little one’s in our care please use the following.

Gypsy's Update

16 October 2023

Out in Bronkhorstspruit, the Wet Nose team discovered Gypsy, a skeletal dog bearing both visible and hidden scars of neglect and hardship. Found emaciated and battling numerous health issues like malnutrition, a dislocated hip, an old fracture, and biliary, Gypsy was a delicate creature clinging to life. Yet, her spirit, undeterred by the pain, silently screamed of her will to survive, even as her fragile body barely held together.
Gypsy’s recovery journey wasn’t easy or simple. She only weighed 17 kilograms when she first came to us. With lots of gentle care, good food, and endless love, she gradually put on weight, reaching a healthier 25 kilograms.
Addressing her physical pain was the next big step. Gypsy went through a femur head manipulation procedure to try and fix issues from her troubled past. However, another challenge came our way when the femur head wouldn’t stay in the socket, requiring surgery – a femur head and neck excision.
Gradually, Gypsy started to open her heart to love and friendship again. She’s still a bit shy around new people but found a wonderful friend in Zulu, a sweet Sharpei. They became very close, comforting and understanding each other, creating a bond that was heartwarming and essential for both their emotional healing.
As Gypsy’s story has touched the hearts of many, she now awaits that special someone to start a new, loving chapter with. If you’ve ever believed in second chances or the transformative power of love, here’s your chance to be a hero in Gypsy’s tale. By opening your home and heart to Gypsy, you won’t just be rescuing a dog – you’ll be gaining a loyal companion. Let’s not let her wait any longer. Be the happy ending Gypsy deserves.

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