Miracle Mauzer

Meet Mauzer, the adorable little kitten who was rescued near Cullinan Primary School. When we first found him, he was living in terrible conditions and weighed less than 1kg. Upon closer examination, we noticed a fracture in his front left distal humerus bone, and it appeared that an amputation of his front left leg was inevitable. In order for us to do the operation on him safely, we needed him to weigh at least 1.3 kgs.
Our Inspector Chanell cared for him day in and day out, making sure he picked up weight and making sure his leg didn’t get put under further strain. After 6 weeks of nurturing and constantly monitoring Mauzer, he gained enough weight to undergo surgery.
Here’s the MIRACULOUS part – The x-ray showed that a hard callus had formed around the break, it was like his leg grew back. We were overjoyed to discover that no amputation was needed, and now Mauzer can use his leg without worry. We shall continue to monitor him, but for now, he can go home and enjoy his time with his family.
Mauzer and Chanell fell in love with each other on this road to recovery. Inspector Chanell took little Mauzer home and showed him off to the rest of the family, where he was instantly loved by all.
Mauzer’s story is a true testament to the power of resilience and love, and we couldn’t be prouder of him and more grateful for such a miracle!

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